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On my retreats, I offer a safe environment to do reflective and healing work using art. No artistic skill is required. Retreats are usually from 10 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. Classes include 5 to 8 people. Overnight lodging is available. I lead on-site retreats at my studio as well as at other venues around the country. I have offered retreats specifically for women who were sexually abused as children (link to Survivors’ Retreats at new site). The retreats listed on this page are for anyone who is on a spiritual journey.


Please see EVENTS page for dates, times, and locations. Also, for more on my thoughts and activities, visit my BLOG.


Some of the Retreats Offered: Studio in Sewanee


  "Art and Spirituality:" a retreat open to all. This retreat uses simple art meditations in a variety of media to reflect our spiritual journeys.


"Nurturing the Inner Child through Art:" a day long retreat for women who wish to do healing work on their relationship to their inner children, and to give their inner children time and attention.


"Telling our Stories through Art:" a day long retreat for women. Participants make a storybook using simple art techniques to tell their stories and to share them as much as they want.


"Engaging our Grief through Art:" a day retreat for anyone who has experienced grief. Participants use collage and make masks to express their grief in a safe situation.


“Expressing our Care for the Planet through Art:” a day long retreat where participants may address their concerns about the Earth using art. The posters we make as part of this retreat can be used to encourage others to take action to save our environment.


Other RETREATS as announced in EVENTS.


What participants say about my art retreats:


"Very comfortable environment."


"(I valued) the safety I felt and the welcoming of my (inner) little girl."

In art retreat led by Barbara Hughes

"(I liked the) pampering of the inner child and recognizing she needs that."


"Being listened to and being believed (and) hearing the stories of others leaves a woman feeling not so alone."


"This workshop was great... very good at supporting each person and helping each person feel they were heard."


"The group dynamic was very valuable."


"I can't thank you enough for this retreat. It has put many issues in perspective for me, and explained why I have had and still struggle with my relationship to God."

In Art Retreat




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