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Photo of Barbara HughesWelcome to Barbara Hughes Place, a website that represents my passion for art as a tool for spiritual growth, healing, and addressing issues of social justice. I also have a ministry to women who were sexually abused as children ( is under construction) and have done retreats and led support groups for abuse survivors (described on the Survivors’ Retreats page of under construction).





On this site, read about my ART in its many forms, created from my own healing process, concerns for the world, and from my work in developing countries. I offer ART RETREATS at my studio and at other venues around the country. These retreats are open to anyone, requiring no artistic skill.


 Painting by Barbara Hughes




My EVENTS page shows past and current happenings in my work (including upcoming ART RETREATS) as well as a list of shows of my ART. On the BIO page read about my credentials as an artist, writer, and teacher. Read my BLOG about my take on current events and issues and life.







Find out about my book, Enfolded in Silence: A Story in Art of Healing from the Sexual Trauma in Childhood at my other site, (under construction.) The book was published by Border Press Books, and is available online from Amazon. The book is in part the story of the abuse I endured as a child, and my healing through painting, poetry, and prose, and in part, a manual for abuse survivors. To paraphrase one reviewer: Barbara Hughes' breathtaking art takes the viewer down into the raw depths of trauma and upwards through  grace to experience with her a journey of redemption.



I believe we are each artists in our own way. I believe art is a powerful tool for healing ourselves and in the world.



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